I’m not just your average designer. I have a degree in fine arts from Rutgers University, and I have been painting and creating art ever since I was  a child. So when you hire me, you don’t just hire a designer–you hire a real artist. I have an eye for detail and refined color sense. I’m also an avid creative writer,  with a good  eye  for detail, grammar, and flow. I have a  love of typography, images, and above all, making people happy through art and design.

My services include:

  •  Fine art, including drawing, painting, and illustration work
  • Graphic design, including photography editing, creating logos, labels, flyers, CDs, and more
  • Web design, specializing in sites designed using WordPress. As my web client, you will receive many benefits, including: discounted software (like shopping cart software, backup software, and more), a free professional themes, and five years of experience.
  •  Education: I also offered to clients basic training in WordPress, Photoshop, GIMP,  and InDesign at my regular rate. I also am happy to educate clients about basic design principles so that they can make informed decisions about their products.

If interested, please contact me.