Web Design

The perks of becoming my client:

  • Free back-up software (retail value: $50)
  • Shopping cart software for only $10 (retail value: $50)
  • An artist’s eye for putting together a solid website (priceless!)

Click on any of the following images to enlarge; or, click on the link to see the website in action!


I designed this website for Kathi Keville, nationally renowned herbalist, aromatherapy practitioner, and author. Colorful, stylish, and organized, I helped Keville to really revamp her online presence and to set up an online shopping cart.

Pictured above: Kathi’s homepage and calendar.


Shown above: Homepage and shopping cart

I designed this site for a great local healer. Using my knowledge about natural healing and marketing, I helped my client put together a great website.



Shown above: homepage, calendar, and membership page.

I designed this site for a local agricultural non-for-profit. I crafted the slide-shows, integrated photography, and embedded calenders and payment buttons.


I didn’t design this website, but I helped to manage it for close to two years. I installed a shopping cart, admin only pages, and multiple calendars.


For this site, I gave a helping hand with uploading photos and designing headers. I also integrated the social media and helped with other design aspects.




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