Graphic Design Portfolio

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As a graphic designer, I have a lot of experience creating myriad projects. Some of these items include:

DSCN1921 I have a lot of experience creating logos and labels, and I specialize in working with small businesses, holistic health care companies, and creative individuals. My clients often exclaim that I have created designs that executed their visions exactly. In the example above, I created a logo, labels, posters, and postcards that helped to define my client’s herb and spice line. In the example below, I redesigned a logo and label concept for her product line that really captured her product.

Photo Courtesy of Dela Luna Herbals,

Photo Courtesy of Dela Luna Herbals,

monica logo-finalNeed a logo design? I specialize in combining traditional artwork and illustration with digital typography, as shown at the example to the left. This design is for The Herb Nerd Podcasts.

For the project, I had to capture the essence of my client’s idea and translate it into an iconic image, accompanied with a typeface that helped to enhance the old-world feeling of the illustration.

front_cover I have designed CDs for musicians, including a six panel CD foldout. In the example to above, I used the musician’s photography and concepts to create this cover. If you are a musician, I would love to help you manifest your creative dream and out cover. I am happy to use your photography or to generate new images, either through photography, or by creating an original piece of art.


You want a business card that stands out . I specialize in integrating original illustrations with graphic design projects. In the above example, I created a series of business cards, each with their own original illustration and color scheme . Coupled with the original format, these business cards stand out and demand attention. I also design flyers, posters, postcards, and more, for unique individuals.

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